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A couple of years ago, I found myself in one of the most depressing moment ever. I went into postpartum depression after my baby came. I lost interest in all the things that mattered to me. It got so bad I began to withdraw from every social event and even not wanting to get close to my baby.

I began to make up excuses for all the things I couldn't do and my other business
began to suffer because I felt I had a creative block. Those were pretty dark moment I endured silently. I knew I couldn't stay in that state for a long time...


I had to move but how??

I am a believer of earning an income from what you love doing. I began to brainstorm about the possibility of starting something I enjoyed. My "aha" moment came when I remembered beads my grandma use to make for me when I was little. I began to explore that idea and for a little over 3 years, I haven't looked back.

Out of Postpartum depression birth a beautiful business which has seen exponential growth within 3 years, serving our client all over the globe.



At TalTOHMA we believe in providing our client with simple, elegant and exquisite handmade beads carefully stranded to fit around your waist. We also provide custom made designs that focus on personalized strands that depict your personality.

Waist beads production has over the century been part of our African heritage and has served a lot of purposes mostly being used as adornment and sensuality, femininity, weight management, worn by babies to accelerate their waistlines as they grow and also an indication that a young girl has come of age.

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