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If there is anything I used to be afraid of, it was the idea of CHANGE. Some words synonymous with change from Marriam-Webster are transform, switch and alter. The thought of any of these freaked me out.

When I was younger, I was insatiably attached to the television. It was my source of comfort. I didn’t have any meaningful friendships other than the television my teenage years. I recall feeling lost and lonely the first day I step my foot on the soil of Ghana National College. My aunties had dropped me off, it felt as if it was the end of the world because I had been detached from my favorite companion.

I constantly went into panic mode each time I thought about it. I wouldn’t be able to watch Passions, Esmeralda, La Supadora, and Acapulco Bay. This was in the early 2000s. These soap operas were trendy and a real deal back then in the days. I just couldn’t imagine life without them.

As I grew and had better understanding of events, I began to question myself, why was I so afraid of change? The answer was not an external force or something that had to do with anyone. The answer was with me and that I was afraid of the unknown. I was afraid of being taken out of my comfort zone. I was afraid of what would be said about me and I was afraid of not fitting in. Consequently, many wonderful opportunities slipped through my fingers because I held myself back from experiencing change. A staggering observation about our fears is that it is not even valid. You will be surprise to know the reason you are holding yourself back is completely a mirage and doesn’t even exist.

You see, change is inevitable, there are situations that we do not have control over. However, there are those that we do have control over. At a point in the life of our business, Taltohma, we realized we had to change our model of operation in terms of what we were offering our client. Their preference had changed. They desired a more intimate, bespoke, and fit-to-their-lifestyle beads. They wanted something more than the market offered. We even skewed our wholesale services to suit the demands and needs of our clients.

Process is beautiful. Even so, it is the painful aspect of change. Many a time, it is so fast you won't even know how it happened. Other times, you can feel it happening around you, and you go through whatever process you need to for the result to manifest.

To identify change, you need to be observant. Pay attention to what happens around you, in your life, relationships, finances, spirituality, and sociability. This is to better prepared you mentally and emotionally for any swift changes that might take you by surprise.

2023, I believe is a wonderful year and full of blessings.Our ability to foresee and engage change will go a long way to position us for what is ahead.

Remember, change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeously rewarding at the end. I couldn’t agree with Robin Sharma any less.

“Change that waist beads” Until you let go, you will never know what can be.

Happy Beading


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