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Hello there,

You have no idea how much it meant to me that you visited my blog again.

I'm grateful. This week I had a sentimental experience that I can't wait to tell you about. Over the weekend, I got a call from an odd number. After exchanging niceties, the person then attacked me for being a bad friend. I questioned whom the individual was after becoming a little perplexed. When someone was introduced, I knew who they were right away.

The reason for the call was to solicit funds to assist one of our mates who was getting married. My qualms were not with the contribution but rather with the way this old-time friend sounded. That I had abounded our friendship because I was a big girl now. I was amazed at how such a conclusion could be drawn. This was someone I had not heard from for more than a decade and suddenly pops up and is accusing me of being a bad friend. To say I was surprised was an understatement. We had not been relevant in each other lives for a more than a decade. Once we had not been active and useful in each others lives, I felt attacked to be addressed in that manner.

We must deliberately exercise the essential skill of remaining relevant in people's lives. Only as long as you are relevant to their life will people applaud you. When this analogy is contrasted with our craft as waist beaders , a few pointers emerge when the subject of remaining relevant is raised.


Adaptation does not imply imitation (ditto-A parlance used in Ghana meaning, to copy the same thing). I recall the first time a customer asked us to create a name specifically for her. Although I had no idea how to carry out the instruction, I firmly assured her that we could. Because it was in memory of her deceased companion, it was a sentimental order. We couldn't risk making a mistake. Nervous and scared? Yes, I was, but I was able to finish it, and she was quite happy with it. Since it wasn't in our current line of design at the time, we had the option of declining the order. Rather, we rose to the occasion and now produce one of the top name tags for waist beads.


Look at what your "competitors" are doing well from time to time and try to draw inspiration from that. Be genuinely delighted for them and work hard to achieve the achievements you want, rather than feeling down and intimidated about what they are doing well.


As creatives, we have an abundance of inspiration all around us. What is left is for you to identify where you draw years from. I normally draw mine from everything. From the screen to the environment. Work on identifying when you can create amazing waist beads design.

You can also consider how to use technology into what you are doing. I'll let you mull this through on your own. (Watch this space) - wink


Taltohma has only been around for a short time, yet we've already had some successful cross-industry partnerships. This involved collaborating with food bloggers (such as Ama Boadiwaa and Matilda of Fruggies Granola) and organizations that support women's empowerment, such the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs and The Fabulous Woman Network. Through these partnerships, we were able to connect with customers that we otherwise would not have been able to.


Are you known for selling waist beads? What do you know about waist beads? What is the current trend in waist beading that you know of? Which techniques are you familiar with? I can understand that most of you are in this business as a side hustle but, go beyond that. A little history about your craft won't hurt. Ask questions and read to understand what you are doing.


When it comes to staying on top of our game, I know we are trying our best. There are several reasons I personally love our products. One of them is our packaging. We've had orders simply because of how our waist beads are packaged. This year we've got something we are working on already. You might choose a component of your company and focus on "perfecting that area until you are known for it."


Our capacity to pay attention to and comprehend the wants of our customers is one of the factors that has benefited our company. I discovered that the cobbler's thread could be used for beading through a client. If I hadn't paid attention to what she was saying, I would never have known. One person's intellect cannot contain all of the knowledge.


In our early stages, I had people inquire if we had beads that could make a man stay with them forever. As much as it sounded funny. It was the reality. Some vendors cast spells on the waist beads and they work for them. I immediately drew the line. At Taltohma, we are focused on creating luxury waist beads for the everyday woman to feel confident and beautiful in her skin.

Additionally, waist beads have traditionally been unduly sexualized, and as a company, we aim to avoid focusing on that.

You might be asking how staying current in your field relates to the call I got over the weekend. Here's where the beauty is. We must be deliberate if we want anything to flourish. After almost ten years of no communication, coming out of nowhere and expecting me to warm up to you is quite strange. What if we had applied these ideas to our friendship? The same holds true for how we deal with our customers and conduct business. Continue flowing and continuing to appear little by little. Don't wait ten years to get in touch like my old friend and I did. Continue to pour in

Happy beading!


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