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Tohma (Waist Beads) Talk: His Perspective

Updated: May 13, 2022

There is a lot of mixed feeling going on as I write my first “blog” post. This is actually my second attempt as I lost my first draft. Am I upset? You bet I am but then again, I am thankful for the opportunity and ability to try again.

I am going to try and serve you with authentic information from the academic and artisans’ perspective on everything waist beads was, is and is becoming. Wink :). You know why? Because I happen to be in both worlds and it is Pretty exciting.

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a survey seeking to know men’s perspective on waist beads. You won’t believe some of the feedback I had. Haha. Though I knew some of the relevance and perspective of men, especially our men and by that, I mean the Ghanaian men. I was pleasantly intrigued by how it made some of them feel and what it did to them physically. Kindly refer to Our IG Live to listen in on the discussion.

Based on all information received from the survey, a couple of things stood out.

  1. 97% of men had encountered waist beads when they were growing up. They either saw them on their moms, sisters and sometimes female friends during play time. (Yes, we had a funny game we would play that could give the chance to see the underwear of the player. “YEDI APEPAHO”- Growing up I took part in this game. We would normally play it if you had new underwear.

  2. 95% of the of the men asserted that waist beads had a very distinct visual appeal to their senses. For some it turned them on, others liked the sound that came with it during sex and the most fascinating one I came across was the fat that it helped delay orgasm. Yes, you heard me right. I was pleasantly shocked as you are now.

  3. 80% told of how the waist beads helps shapes the female body into an hour glass figure. How true is this? I will be writing on this soon so watch this space.

  4. One entry said waist beads was medicine to the AKOMA (heart). There can’t be proper intimacy when his lady is not in them.

  5. 40% made mention of how they are used to gauge the growth of new babies.

Based on these findings we can ascertain that waist beads to the Ghanaian man is very important in it visual appearance and intimate life. This survey was just a handful of what some Ghanaian men thought of this ancient body adornment that has managed to stand the test of time and been transposed in different cultures.

In the coming weeks we will be dealing with Waist beads; Her perspective. I would love to hear your thoughts and comment.


Happy Beading.

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