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Oil On Her...

Hey Fam,

I'm excited to recount this incredible sequence of experiences that unfolded a few years ago in Kumasi, Ghana, where I often spent time with the bead Masters at the central market. These were Muslim gurus who had dedicated their lives to mastering the art of waist beading. Seriously, these guys were like wizards when it came to beads, especially waist beads. They'd learned this craft from their dads, relatives, or just to put food on the table. And let me tell you, they were absolute pros at it. From picking the perfect beads to threading them, choosing sizes, and creating mind-blowing designs – watching them work was pure magic. That's why I fondly called them my "masters."

Spending time with them was like stepping into a world of creativity and culture. I'd just chill, observe their moves, and fire away with questions. If I ever hit a roadblock trying to figure out a technique, they'd swoop in with advice and solutions. They weren't ones to share their secrets often, you know? So, being on the receiving end of their wisdom was a true honor. I learned so much from them, I can't even express how privileged I felt.

During one of my regular visits, I brought up the topic of waist beads laced with perfume. It came up because a client had asked, and someone even wondered if our beads had any secret love potion hidden in them (spoiler alert: KAYAMATA). Sharing this with my masters was enlightening. Turns out, in certain Muslim communities, there's this tradition of lacing waist beads with perfume. It's actually a bridal thing. When a woman ties the knot, she gets gifted these perfumed waist beads to wear on her wedding night. And here's the twist – it's all about enhancing the connection between the newlyweds. For the bride, it's like a secret weapon to make her irresistible and desirable. Imagine lacing it with her husband's favorite scent – it's like a bee drawn to a blooming flower, if you catch my drift.

"Eni" by Vera Obeng

But wait, there's more! Perfumes got this crazy power. I was out shopping for fragrances with a friend, and as she sampled scents, she stumbled upon one that triggered a whirlwind of emotions. She mentioned it reminded her of her ex, and boom, she was lost in thought, caught up in a wave of memories. It was fascinating to see how a single scent could transport her to another time and place.

All this got me digging deeper into the world of perfumes. And let me tell you, it's a rabbit hole of wonders. Check this out:

Personal Scent and Sensuality: Perfume isn't just a smell; it's personal. Lacing waist beads with perfume adds an intimate layer to your aura. That delicate scent, subtly drifting throughout the day, gives you a confidence boost like no other.

Aromatherapy and Mood Enhancement: Scents have the power to change your mood. Imagine lacing waist beads with calming oils for relaxation or invigorating ones for an energy kick. It's like having your own mini mood enhancer right there.

Symbolic Significance: Perfume can be a symbol of identity. By choosing a specific fragrance, you're reminding yourself of who you are and what you stand for. It can be like a secret code that only you know.

Cultural and Ritualistic Reasons: Some cultures blend scents with rituals. Lacing waist beads with perfume could carry a deeper meaning, tied to traditions, celebrations, or even rites of passage.

Enhancing Beauty and Elegance: Perfume isn't just about smell; it's about enhancing your overall vibe. Imagine how it complements the elegance of waist beads, adding that extra layer of allure.

Personal Rituals and Empowerment: Ever thought of lacing your waist beads as part of a daily ritual? It's like saying, "Hey, today's mine, and I'm owning it." There's empowerment in every single bead.

Intimate Expression: Waist beads are like intimate accessories. Lacing them with perfume becomes your way of expressing your inner sensuality in the most subtle and personal manner.

Cultural Fusion and Innovation: The world's evolving, and cultures are blending. Lacing waist beads with perfume is like honoring tradition while adding a touch of modern flair to your style.

So, here's the deal – based on what my Muslim masters taught me, we lace our beads with perfume oil. And let me tell you, our clients are head over heels for them. I'd say it's a solid 9.5 out of 10 on the love scale. But now I'm curious: do you know of any other waist bead practices? We're all ears and beads, ready to learn and explore.

Happy Beading


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