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THE SMELLY WAIST BEADS: Care and Maintenance of Tohma.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Missed me? Yes, I do miss you too. I have been packed with a lot of school work. I am however going to try my best to be present in these times so kindly bare with me. I guess you are wondering why I have such a title right. Continue reading and you will know why... Wink!

One of the most frequent question I get is HOW DO I CARE FOR MY WAIST BEADS; HOW DO I MAKE THE LAST LONGER? CAN I BATH WITH MY WAIST BEADS? And a whole lot more. Today, I am going to break it down and tell you all the do’s and don’t. At the end of the day, you get to decide what is best for you. Kindly refer to our previous blog on the uses of waist beads. HER PERSPECTIVE.

The decision to wear beads without taking them off can be a bit tricky. It depends on quite a variety of factors. These include what you use your waist beads for and the materials used. Waist beads serve quite a variety of functions when you put them on. Two of which we will be discussing for the purpose of the topic. One, It can be used as a weight management gauge and two is a sex toy in the bedroom. The size of beads also plays a role here. Smaller beads or what are commonly known as seed beads are what are normally used as weight management beads.

If you ask a waist bead artist if you can bathe with your beads, we will undoubtedly say yes! The first is to entice you to buy, and the second is that you can bathe with them and nothing will happen (for a limited time).WINK!). The question is whether this is the best practice. Consider having a lovely gown and bathing in it every day. It gradually loses its radiance. Yes, that is the best analogy I can come up with.

Waist beads have various symbolic meanings in various cultures.

Although you can bathe in them, the materials lose their luster after a while. The materials used in waist beading have evolved over time, with bead artists incorporating plastic glow beads, crystal beads (coated), and metallic charms (to name a few) in their designs. They lose their luster and beauty as you continue to bathe with them. Some of the beads can be restored, but why restore them when you could have avoided it by taking proper care of them? Without proper care, pomade residue after a long period of time also affects the luster.

Another aspect to consider is the string, thread, or cord used in beading. The thread used weakens over time and sometimes emits an unpleasant odor due to a combination of sweat and pomade. These are in rear cases though. Even if it is subtle, no one wants to walk around smelling. Regardless of how subtle it is. You realized after your bath, that you don't air-dry your beads.

You put on your dress and go about your day; over time, the thread frays, and not smelling nice around your midsection is not conducive to intimacy. When hot water comes into contact with cord waist beads, they usually tangle or mangle. When the least amount of pressure is applied to it, it easily brakes.

Again, if your beads have a clasp, especially a burrel clasp with, continual bathing some may twist over rendering the beads useless. Waist beads that are worn purposely to maintain one’s weight can be worn over a long period of time but we recommend you take them off to dry them out. On the other hand, beads that are used in the bedroom must be kept well. Have a bag or container you keep your beads. After which you put them back.


Not much thought is given to how to maintain your waist beads. Let me teach you the Taltohma way of maintaining and caring for your beads. Things needed are a container, warm water, shower gel, Perfume, and your tohma pot (waist beads container).

  1. Pour warm water into a container

  2. Add a little amount of shower gel into the warm water and swish till leather begins to form.

  3. Drop your beads in there and swish till its clean

  4. Rinse out the leather under running water.

  5. Air them out in the open and wait for them to dry out.

  6. Once dried lace it out with your favorite perfume and gently keep them in your tohma pot.

At Taltohma, we know how important it is to have a special place for your waist beads, thus providing our tohma pot (waist beads pot). In conclusion, Know the function of your waist beads. The reason why you wear them and give them the necessary attention and care they deserve.

Happy Beading.

Vera (Artist, Photographer, and Craft Instructor)

Taltohma, The African Lingerie.

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