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When She Breaks...

Hello Fam,

Let's dive into something intriguing today: the world of waist beads in Ghana. Did you know that one of the biggest fears among Ghanaian women who don't wear waist beads is the dreaded moment when their beads break? It's a tale that's got a special place in the hearts of Africans, particularly Ghanaians. And let me tell you, it's one of those cringe-worthy experiences that can happen to any lady, regardless of age.

Growing up, I heard stories about waist beads meeting their end during caning sessions in schools. Now, caning might not be as common as back in my day, but just picture this: you're late for school, and you get a few stinging lashes on your buttocks. Then, to add to the drama, your waist beads decide to call it quits and break free. And guess what? You have to pick them up afterward, possibly in front of your secret crush in class. These are the kind of moments that stick with you for life.

Another classic waist bead disaster scenario? Forgetting to lift them up when using the restroom. Trust me; you'll find yourself doing the bead-pulling dance, trying to save them from a watery grave. Exercising at the gym can be rewarding, but not when your waist beads decide to call it quits mid-squat. The only silver lining when it happens at the gym is that they may not drop to the floor, so it's somewhat less embarrassing. Of course, this depends on whether they're under your gym wear or proudly displayed on top.

Like any other piece of jewelry, waist beads need proper care. There's a routine to follow to ensure they stay in great shape. If you're curious, you can check out our blog post on how to care for your waist beads. One of the most common reasons for bead breakage is when the materials used become weak. The cotton used in some waist beads can weaken from constant exposure to water, which is why we usually don't recommend wearing your custom-made waist beads in the shower.

Now, here's a bit of a fun twist: some people use waist beads as a kind of affectionate gesture during intimate moments with their partners. While it might sound romantic, it's not ideal if your beads keep breaking, especially if they're custom-made by us. Wink! On a lighter note, waist beads aren't meant to be used as reins in the bedroom.However, not all bead breakages are accidental. Some individuals intentionally break their waist beads as a way to mark the end of a personal journey, especially for those who practice mindfulness.

As we discussed on Tohmatalk with our guest speakers, Naomi Kokuro of Kaya Grocery Shopping and Abigail Awuah of Abby's Wand, one common feeling associated with bead breakage is embarrassment. This stems from the cultural significance of waist beads in Ghana, where they're viewed as intimate adornments with deep sentimental value. Check out the link for the discussions on Tohmatalk.

Now that we've explored some of the reasons behind bead breakage, let's talk about what you can do when your waist beads break:

You Can Keep Them: Believe it or not, you can hold onto those broken beads. I recall going through my mom's old things one day and stumbling upon a stash of broken waist beads tucked away in a cloth. When I opened it, I found different types of waist beads, along with trinkets like earrings. These had clearly lost their practical use after nearly 30 years, but for some reason, my mom couldn't let go. They'd transformed from mere body adornments into objects of sentimental value, each one linked to seasons and experiences she held dear.

Throw Them Away: Waist beads have held diverse meanings for various individuals, serving different purposes throughout history. One such role aligns with the practice of mindful living, as described by Jon Kabat-Zinn, an author, professor, and mindfulness pioneer. Mindfulness involves paying systematic attention for reasons beyond simply being awake. For practitioners of mindful living, the breaking of waist beads might symbolize the conclusion of a particular season in their life journey. In light of this, they may opt to part ways with their broken beads and acquire new ones.

Glam Them Up Again: Now, here's my personal favorite – restring those broken beads. It's like restoring an old masterpiece. The great thing about beads is they don't perish. Imagine giving your old beads a fresh lease on life by combining them with new trinkets and beads. They'll be as good as new.

Remember, what you choose to do with your waist beads after they break is entirely up to you and what they mean to you. However, based on our discussions, we encourage you not to throw them away but to send them to us for restoration. While we can't promise the exact same designs if some beads are missing, we can assure you they'll look better than when you first brought them in.

So, when she breaks, don't toss her or keep her tucked away – let Taltohma RESTORE her!

Feel free to share your thoughts or any practices you know related to waist beads. We're always eager to learn.

Happy Beading


(Creative Instructor,Taltohma)

Taltohma,The African Lingerie

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